About STS

We are a global telecommunication company that offers telemedicine and telehealth support to medical personnel in remote environments. Our objective is to provide a direct link between medical experts and patients around the world. Through the use of technology—mobile devices, computers, videoconferencing tools, networks—STS is creating a new paradigm in the delivery of healthcare.

Through our team of health care professionals, our company provides medical assistance across the globe, especially to remote areas where specialist and/or resources are scarce. Our experience is with the support of timely expert care in acute medical situations, when a second opinion may be vital during difficult medical decisions which ultimately impact patient outcome.

It is a well-known fact that timely expert care in acute medical situations, being life-saving interventions, or reassurance during a difficult medical decision, has a positive effect on patient outcome. We believe that telemedicine enhances patient care, which in turns leads to better outcomes for patients as well as improves clinician confidence and satisfaction.