telestrokeMaritime TeleHealth augments passenger and crew wellness by extending the range of voyages with confidence; STS provides a trusted network of on-demand medical professionals thereby minimizing the need for unnecessary expenses and loss due to non-emergent medical events. 

telestrokeAeronautical TeleHealth is an ideal solution to dealing with the physical and mental stresses associated with air travel. Chronic conditions can intensify and acute events quickly escalate. STS can provide customized solutions to fulfill the requirements of demanding commercial, business, military and special aviation operations, thereby reducing the number of costly medical diversions by offering a visual, in-flight response in 15 minutes. Guaranteed.

telestrokeExpeditionary Telehealth:  STS had the opportunity to medically monitor Memory Champion and mountaineer Nelson Dellis and his team during Climb For Memory, an expedition to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s by ascending Mt. Everest.

telestrokeSports Telehealth:  In cooperation with leading partners in the healthcare industry and academia, STS participated in a groundbreaking project during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to provide clinical care to the Brazilian national team.  A telehealth hub-and-spoke network was developed to virtually connect specialists in London, Rio de Janeiro and Miami.  Through this initiative, a fully integrated solution was deployed including mobile devices and remote presence robots. Team doctors could instantly connect with medical providers in 15 disciplines through our Global Response Center, where calls were triaged.